7 S*x Tips to Help Boost Your Pleasure in the Bedroom…Try Out No.4

S*x and relationship columnist Dr Pam Spurr has provided these seven s*x tips you can use to wow your man or woman in bed and turn yourself into a bedroom champion. According to the article published by The Sun, here are the seven things you need to know for colossal climaxes:


  1. Try a V-massage

Yes, massage your vagina and labia. Lie back, relax and with plenty of lubricant gently knead and rub them with your fingertips. Move slowly down one side of your labia and back up the other.


This gets much-needed blood circulation in this pleasure-zone. Do once or twice weekly. If your partner does it for you, it can lead to all sorts of pleasure!


  1. Tease to please

Have your partner tease you with partial penetration. This is where he only partly goes inside and gently stimulates your outer vagina.


Then have him swap positions – maybe from sensual ‘spoons’ to ‘doggy’. Partial penetration and swapping positions teases her pleasure zones and boost chances for powerful climaxes.

Continue the tease


Have him stroke with a vibrator on gentle setting, slowly and sensually up and down the area between your inner thigh and your labia. Then around your clitoral zone. This builds sensational sexual tension, increasing the chance of a powerful orgasm when you go for full sex.


  1. Pelvic pulsations

Do pelvic floor exercises because they’ll strengthen your climaxes. Do them standing waiting for your train, at your desk, watching telly – just do them.


Think of the muscles that stop you ‘spending a penny’. Tighten and hold for the count of three. Release. Then repeat 10 times. Build to 20 repetitions, twice-daily.


Mind you, make sure you don’t pull any funny faces while you’re doing your private pulsating.


As they get stronger try pulsating them. Use this when he’s inside you to give him a thrill.


  1. Fantasy chat for full on pleasure

One study found women who chat through fantasy scenarios end up having more powerful climaxes.


Encourage her to describe in delicious detail that red hot fantasy of, e.g., her being the boss and interviewing you to be her personal assistant…and how you must personally assist in her sexual pleasure!


  1. Check your mindset

What’s going on in your head affects you in bed. Stop telling yourself things like, “I never have great orgasms, it’s not possible.”


Instead talk yourself up. Tell yourself this time is going to be different. Remind yourself to let go, think of sexy fantasies, get teased-and-pleased, sexcetera!


  1. Mind your tipple

If you’re a party-girl you won’t like this, but fewer drinks equals more powerful orgasms. So limit yourself to a couple drinks when sex is on the agenda. Otherwise, too many cocktails and his ‘you know what’ won’t give you so much pleasure!


  1. Dr Pam’s Position: The CAT


The Coital Alignment Technique (or some call it the Clitoral Alignment Technique) is almost guaranteed to give her a big-O.


She chooses to be on top or bottom. But if she has difficulty climaxing – or doesn’t have powerful ones – on top’s best.


He lies flat with her on top – like reverse-missionary position. She can have her legs inside or outside of his.


So that her clitoral-zone rubs against his pubic bone, she shimmies a couple centimetres up his pelvis. Perfect for all-important clitoral stimulation.


He reaches around her hips, holding her in place. To reach a great climax she controls his thrusting and uses small circular or rocking movements against his pubic bone.


For extra pleasure: Reaching around her, run a vibrator between her upper thighs where they meet at her bottom

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