9 best apps you should download now!

Whether you’re an iPhone devotee, an Android addict or a Windows 10 loyalist, you’ve come to the right place if you’re after new apps to populate your device.

Our apps round-up is your port of call for the best new tablet and smartphone downloads, and this week’s highlights include a map of WiFi passwords for airports across the world and a crazy 360-degree camera app from Google.


Available on: iOS, Android

Want to mirror your smartphone display on other devices? Of course you do! And this app makes the process refreshingly simple.

With ScreenMeet installed on your handset, you can mirror your screen without the need for additional hardware, as everything is done through a web browser.

Okay, so it isn’t true mirroring since you’re limited to ScreenMeet’s built-in apps – which include a document browser, a photo album and access to your phone’s camera – but the software succeeds in making rudimentary screen-sharing simple.

Price: Free, Publisher: ScreenMeet, Release date: Out now


Available on: Android, Windows

©  Surfy Browser

A viable Chrome and Edge alternative with heightened security and privacy features, Surfy Browser will keep prying eyes away from your internet history.

We’re sure you have a perfectly wholesome reason for keeping your browsing habits under wraps, and this app lets you do so with PIN protection, a feature its rivals lack.

What’s more, Surfy Browser comes with a host of other bonus features including a night-time mode, private browsing setting and the ability to read webpages aloud.

Price: Free, Publisher: Outcoder, Release date: Out now

  1. YELO

Available on: iOS

©  Yelo

Yelo is a voice translator which converts spoken words into the language of your choosing.

It’s by no means the only app that’s capable of this, but what we like about Yelo is the way it utilises the Apple Watch, or Apple Watch Series 2 if you happen to be an early adopter.

The app’s wearable companion functions just like its iPhone counterpart, allowing users to speak into their wrist Dick Tracy-style to receive their translations.

Price: Free, Publisher: Alaric Cole, Release date: Out now


Available On: iOS, Android

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The Daily Telegraph has just rolled out a new app for iOS and Android devices, rebuilt from the ground up to offer a more visual and personalised experience.

The redesign puts images up front and centre while allowing users to view the headlines at a glance, plus the new customisable menu lets you select the topics it highlights.

A Top Stories channel spotlighting the editor’s choice of the day’s key stories is another new addition, and push notifications will keep you abreast of the biggest headlines.

Price: Free, Publisher: Telegraph Media Group, Release date: Out now


Available on: Android

©  Anchor

Anchor is a global radio station made up of voice clips recorded by its user base.

There are Twitter elements about it, as the purpose of the platform is to share succinct thoughts with a network of people.

The mini podcasts you get to fire out online are limited to two minutes long, but that’s more than enough to get into stimulating debates with random strangers.

Price: Free, Publisher: Anchor FM, Release date: Out now

  1. WIFOX

Available on: Android

©  WiFox

Nothing drags like an airport wait, especially when you’re stuck in a humid, noisy lounge with two hours to go until your connecting flight.

WiFi is known for its time-passing abilities and you can tap into it in airports across the world with WiFox, a continually updated map of global airport internet passwords.

You’ll never have to put up with sluggish, insecure connectivity again, or go through the rigmarole of tracking down a member of airport staff to request the WiFi password.

Price: £1.49, Publisher: Anil Polat, Release date: Out now


Available on: Android

Google’s Sprayscape is no ordinary photography app – it’s billed as a “perfectly imperfect VR-ish camera” which leverages the gyroscope and GPU on your Android device.

Everything it snaps is stitched into a 360-degree image, but not the kind you’re used to – these often look like nightmarish, mutated versions of traditional panoramic photos.

The results are the perfect fodder for social media sharing, and if you happen to own a mobile VR headset, they’ll come to life in all of their unorthodox glory.

Price: Free, Publisher: Google, Release date: Out now


Available On: Android, iOS

©  Autobud

There are countless fitness trackers on Google Play, and now there’s even one for your car. Well, kind of.

AutoBud uses real-time tracking to monitor the time you spend behind the wheel, compiling journey data and visualising it in all sorts of ways.

It isn’t as pointless as it might sound, since the idea is to help you drive your vehicle as efficiently as possible and keep a record of your trips.

Price: Free, Publisher: Karta Software Technologies, Release date: Out now


Available on: Windows

©  One Tap Reminders

One Tap reminders for Windows 10 devices will turn you into a Zen master in the art of remembering things.

Available for mobile devices as well as PC, the app allows users to pin memory joggers to their home screen and set them with a single tap.

The software even comes with a bunch of memory templates, including pre-made time-based and cooking reminders – the level of effort required on your part is minima

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