A woman stabs her own cousin to death, her reason will shock you

Ms Sophy Pilusa, a 48-year-old woman stunned people when she was found out to have killed another woman.

The woman who was murdered happened to be Pilusa’s cousin in South Africa.

Pilusa was subsequently arrested, arraigned and has been sentenced to an effective 20 years imprisonment.

According to Mpumalanga News, Ms Sophy Pilusa was found guilty for the murder of her cousin, Florence Shai who owed her money.

Magistrate Elmarie Theron of the Mhala Regional Court heard that on August 7, 2013 Pilusa came across Shai who owed her an undisclosed amount of money on her way to the shops and she demanded to be paid her money.

During their altercation Pilusa took out a knife and stabbed her cousin on her upper body.

The bloody Florence was rushed to Tintswalo Hospital where she was certified death.

After hearing this, Magistrate Theron did not hesitate to sentence Pilusa to an effective 20 years imprisonment on November 7.

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