Alex Iwobi’s father the secret of the super star’

Chuka Iwobi, father of Arsenal forward, Alex has revealed that decision to play for Nigeria instead of England was a sole decision by his son, adding that he only facilitated it.
Speaking recently, the senior Iwobi maintained that his son was confronted with several challenges like hash weather and the curiosity of the Nigerian soccer fans, disclosing that he is at home with Nigeria diet especially a local delicacy of garri and okro soup.iwobi-300x199
Asked who took the decision to play for Nigeria, he said: “It was Alex’s decision to play for Nigeria. What I did was just to facilitate the decision. When Samson Siasia called him to join the U-23, he simply asked me what I think about the invitation. I told him that I don’t have opinion but all I can say to him is to honour the invitation and take it from there.
“For me, it was a very good decision he made at that time because when he came to the Goal Project, he saw a different kind of football and people showing him love from the teammates to the fans. The experience was quite exceptional and remarkable to him because it is not something he is used to especially the fans.
“He felt at home with the fans when I told him that nobody will hurt him but they rather want to show love to you. He saw a unique setting in Nigeria and I am happy he took a wise decision. I can also tell you that his favourite food is garri and okro soup,” he revealed.
On the challenges he faced playing for Nigeria, the elder Iwobi said: “The obvious challenge he faced was the weather for understandable reason, because he is coming from a very temperate region to here where it is exceptionally hot, but he got used to the antidote of drinking water. He also saw the physicality of the game as a challenge.”

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