Alleged Budget Padding: Hon. Jibrin raises more accusation of m10 pay of Reps

Embattled former Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations, Honourable Abdulmumin Jibrin, has vowed to ensure that Speaker Yakubu Dogara and other principal members of the lower chamber fingered in the 2016 budget padding controversy go to jail, just as he said that, until the right thing was done to address the problem of corruption in the House, he will keep talking. Abdumumin Jibrin Speaking with journalists in Abuja to commemorate what he termed, ‘100 days of the budget padding controversy in the House of Representatives’, yesterday, Jibrin said that if alleged corruption in the House of Representatives was addressed, ninety percent of Nigeria’ s problems would have been solved because the lawmakers oversight all sectors of the country. The lawmaker, who is serving suspension for his anti-corruption campaign against his colleagues, said there was the need for Nigerians to be reminded of the level of corruption in the lower chamber, just as he stressed that there has been a fraudulent arrangement in place for each House member to get N10 million every month which explains why a lawmaker with no money after election could afford to buy a car at the rate of N20 million immediately after inauguration as the arrangement on ground allows a lawmaker to be paid the cumulative of that amount upfront. He said, “Members collect about N10 million every month. In the past from when I came into the National Assembly till date, there has been a situation where N10 million has been collected, sometimes between N10 to about N20 million monthly. There is this joke that everybody knows me with it in the National Assembly that I used to tell them in the house that only footballers and basket ballers are known to collect such allowances. “Then to make matters worse, there is a kind of an arrangement, that ensures that the cumulative of that amount is paid to you upfront. That is why you see someone comes into the National Assembly with nothing, after swearing in, he is already buying a car of N20 million. There is a fraudulent arrangement. For instance, if what you take is from N20 million per month that brings it to about N900 billion for four years. There is a fraudulent arrangement that ensures you could get even up to half of that money instantly. It is such a mess.” Jibrin, who vowed that he will continue with the fight and will not apologise, said, “ I will continue with this matter. I have said it repeatedly that I will never apologise. Rapprochement have been made to say whatever you have …… and I said look, it doesn’t make sense to me to apologise when I know that the People I am faced with are corrupt. Why should I apologise. Maybe, they feel that the three years that is left for us is like fifty years. But because I have been in the system over and over again, I know that it is just like today and tomorrow. Even if they will succeed in ensuring that I remain suspended, the maximum that they can go is three years”.


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