Civil Society groups advises Nigeria and other African Nations to quit ICC

A Coalition of Civil Society Groups have urged Nigerian government and African countries to quit the International Criminal Court, ICC.

Addressing newsmen at a press conference in Kaduna, Friday, spokesman and convener of the groups, Mallam Yusuf Amoke, said, ”Records have it that all the fifteen persons that have ever been detained by ICC since its establishment were Africans.

“These Africans have not committed such crimes that deserve stringent punishment like the one meted on them by the ICC.”

While stating that ICC did not reflect the essence of justice, because it was lopsided and selective, he stressed, “We consider this system as another form of slavery to the third world countries and Africa in particular.”

The Coalition spokesman, who recalled, the invasion of Iraq, in mission led by the USA, supported by countries like United Kingdom, Spain, Poland and others, said they were signatories and parties to the ICC treaty, but were not summoned by ICC.

He explained “This war claimed thousands of lives, destroyed homes and displaced millions of people in the guise of searching for nuclear weapons and the nuclear weapons they were never found.

“None of these leaders were accused of war crime, let alone arraigned in the court of law or detained, just because they are acclaimed developed countries with white skin.”

“These same people accused Africans of genocide, crime against humanity and war crimes but are yet to be considered the first culprit since they are the same people who manufacture and supply the third world countries with same weapons that are used by some inhumane leaders in Africa to destroy their own people,” he added.

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