Donald Trump and today’s woman

Walking through Manhattan in New York City earlier this week as students of the New York Film Academy (NYFA), my team and I, had a hard time getting a Trump supporter to give us her opinion on his recent sexist comments. It appeared that almost everyone on the street had somehow decamped overnight. Especially after the previous night presidential debate. The women we interviewed, told us plainly that they would NOT vote for a man like Trump who disrespects women. Some however told us although they were not sure they would vote for Hilary Clinton but they certainly would not vote for Trump. Most New Yorkers seem to be at a crossroad at this point. One lady particularly said that it is now a case of making a choice on two bad options. Although we are not sure if that is the case in other cities in America but here in New York where we carried out our survey Trump is losing supporters especially after the release of the audio tape that revealed his locker-room discussion on women. We eventually did find a Trump supporter when we arrived at Trump Towers on Fifth Avenue. There was a mixture of tourists taking pictures, supporters clowning about in different costumes with pictures of Donald Trump on Placards. It was more like a market place with people going in and coming out. The elderly couple who spoke to us said they still believed Donald Trump would make a better president. Concerning his recent sexist comments, they did not want to talk about it. Trump Trump Another angle, we took a closer look at as journalists, which is part of our Project-News Package. Was Donald getting even by digging up the past of former President Bill Clinton (his opponent’s spouse)?. Telling women that Bill did something to women in the past and emphasizing on the role his wife Hilary played by standing by him and not publicly condemning him at the time. It is indeed all about politics and the attitude here is to hit back at the opponent. Looking at the three women beside him during his press conference a few days ago, just before the last debate one might wonder why these women would come all out in the open to deal with issues from their past. Especially at a time like this. Let’s look at another interesting part to this story. There were issues on the way and manner Hilary defended her husband then. Can someone please confirm if Hilary Clinton has any ties with Africa? People say it is only African women who could stay by their husbands during the Lewinsky scandal. The whites would be quick to call it quits but Hilary differed. From what we could see, Secretary Hilary stood by her husband all through these years. Could it be that she just had to do it because she already saw the future, that someday she may become president or did she do it because she truly loved Bill? That only Hilary can answer but the point is, she is married to him after 40 years and counting and probably going to be the next Clinton to rule America, taking it up from the Bush Family. The question is if Trump wins the election (Americans can be very unpredictable; you never can tell) Will Melanie Trump be able to withstand the heat as a first lady like Hilary did during her time? Maybe that’s why Bill could call her his rock during his interview on CNN state of the nation last year. If Donald Trump is having all these issues with women now, what is the guarantee that if he becomes president he will not be faced with similar challenges Bill Clinton faced? And if he does will Melanie stand by him or will she call it quits? That’s the woman for you. Some are are Strong & dogged and can stand the heat,while others can’t. .But Today’s woman is strong, independent and full of life. Gone are the days when women were mute over demeaning remarks and abuse. Women are more aware now of the power they have and this appears to be working out for Hilary. The world is waiting for November 8, 2016. History is in the making. No candidate who was beaten in two consecutive Presidential debate emerged President. We will know if America will choose a Sexist who has failed in two consecutive debates for a President or a Woman for a President. Either way, history will be made
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