Fans of Peter of Psquare are Angry with him for baring his body on social media

The fans of Psquare group singer, Peter have shared their distaste for a picture he posted on his Instagram perceived as rather obscene.

Peter, on Tuesday, October 25, 2016 dropped a photo of himself with the mid-section of his body somewhat protruded.

Peter, with a naughty smile on his face. play Peter, with a naughty smile on his face.


This act has angered his fans who feel he ought to know better considering his image as a role model.

Reacting to the post, an Instagram user with the ID ‘peaceful4real’ wrote, “What is this? even if u are an entertainer but you are also a married man for crying out loud.”

Other comments include:

unique_brown’_,“Why would you  that pic?? @peterpsquare I had so much respect fa yuh …dude you’re married!!!”

haywhy_of_god, “Please,millions of pple r ff yu,even some see yu has dia mentor!!!…buh dis isn’t d right kind of thing to post on any social media.”

Peter posted another picture of himself with a caption on the same day, and the fans didn’t seem to have a lot of problem with him on this occasion.

The R&B singer shows off his hot body. play The R&B singer shows off his hot body.


 He wrote, “And the ladies love me doin dis! By the way na who six pack help? Make I no lie E help me shao! My Bank Alert get 6 packs.”

Some of his fans joined in the interaction by making amusing comments about the singer’s wealth.

These were milder than the feedback he received from his previous post.

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