Help! Am 18 and pregnant what should i do?

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I’m 18 and a few weeks ago, I found out I’m pregnant. I’m an undergraduate and live with my mum and a younger brother. I’ve been seeing my boyfriend for three years and my mum said she’d like me to go on the pill. But the pill I tried didn’t suit me so I came off it after a few months. I was going to try a different type after waiting a month or so, but then discovered I was pregnant. I’m 12 weeks gone and don’t like keeping something like this from my mum. I’m not particularly close to her and this makes telling her harder. I’m afraid of disappointing her. I had a bad past when our dad left to be with another woman. Since I went to the university, we’ve become a bit closer. I just don’t want this pregnancy to push us apart again. My mum had me when she was young, but she’s made a success of her merchandising business. She’s always warned me not to get pregnant. I know I’m too young to be a mother, but I don’t believe in abortion without a good reason and like the idea of being a mother. It’s my fault that I got pregnant and I have to live with that for the rest of my life. The man responsible is only two years older and I was one of a few of his girlfriends. He’s told me flatly to go for abortion. I really want to tell my mum, but how do I bring it up? I don’t want her to find out from someone else

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