Help! My Boyfriend who died 4 years ago is still having s*x with me at night

A woman has cried in horror after being beset by her dead boyfriend who gives her eerie chills every night with his antics.

Noxolo Sangweni, a 32-year-old South African woman has made a startling revelation that has stunned people.

The woman has confessed that her boyfriend who died years ago, comes to poke her at night.

According to Daily Sun SA, Noxolo Sangweni from Dannhauser in northern KZN, South Africa, revealed that the dead man, who is also the father of her baby, visits her at night and pokes her.

“My child’s father was very jealous. He would accuse me of cheating. I believe his jealousy followed him to the grave. He still does not want any other man to have my punani.”

Noxolo said ever since her boyfriend died in 2012 due to blood cancer, men had started ignoring her.

“As a woman I have needs. I’m no yellow bone but I know I’m beautiful. Before my man died I had men’s attention. They would tell me how beautiful I was. I was the talk of the area.

 “But that ended immediately after my boyfriend died. It is now like I have a bad smell,” she said.

She said she has spent R25 000 going to different sangomas and traditional healers, but nothing has changed.

“Most of the sangomas (herbalists) told me that I have isinyama (bad luck) and gave me muthi to cleanse myself, but it doesn’t go away. I need help,” said Noxolo.

The dead man’s relative who asked not to be named said: “We performed a cleansing ceremony to prevent things like this. We can now only help with money for a sangoma to get rid of our cousin’s spirit.”

Her sister, Phindile Sangweni (29) said: “Noxolo is always stressed. She is no longer fun to be around.”

South African Traditional Healers’ Association president, Sazi Mhlongo said that Noxolo was being haunted by a ghost.

“She needs an inyanga who can chase the ghost away and cleanse her with a goat,” said Mhlongo.

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