Help! My Dad who died 4 years ago still comes to his to relax- terrified man cries out

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The young man shared his story on yoanswers, where he explained that he saw his late father’s ghost. According to him, the experience has left him baffled.

Below is how he told the story:


My father passed away when I was fourteen unexpectedly. The thing is, he was born with a hole in his heart. It didn’t affect him until later on in life. He eventually got a pacemaker. One night his heart just gave out. It happened while I was at church camp. I am now eighteen.

After he died, we continued living in the same house. I didn’t grasp his death for years. He barley came to mind.

Recently my mother came home from work to bring me food for lunch. She dropped it off and hurried over to a meeting. I pulled out my fries from Wendy’s and looked up into my dinning room. Where I saw my father, working on a Puzzle with his reading glasses on.

I got so scared I ran up to my room and started screaming for him to go away and to make it stop. What I saw was very real. He wasn’t even in my mind.

And what I saw, is what he did all the time when he was alive. Always was doing puzzles with his reading glasses on at the dinning room table. Shortly after, we moved because it was too much for us.

Has anyone seen their loved ones after they have died?

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