How i caught my Boyfriend pant down with my elder sister


The young lady has revealed that she had an experience recently which totally devastated her. According to her, she walked in on her boyfriend having s*x with her own sister.

Needless to say, this development has left her heartbroken and void of inner peace.

Below is how she put the story:


Ok, so let me fill you in on the situation. I was with my boyfriend for 6 years straight, it was never an on again off again type relationship.

We have a 2 year old daughter, we had what I thought was the perfect relationship, never had any major problems. We lived together for 5 years, he’s always been there for me and I’ve been there for him, he was part of my family, everyone loved him. He had no other family of his own, except his mom and sister who he doesn’t see often anyways.

He was my best friend.

As for my older sister, we always got along, I was closer to her than any of my other siblings, never fought or anything, didn’t hate each other, when she needed money I gave it to her, a ride, I was there. I helped her with EVERYTHING.

Well, one day in November I walked in on my own sister and my boyfriend sleeping together. They were in her room and I had come for a visit to her house. When I heard her moaning and calling my boyfriend’s name, I peeped through the keyhole and saw them.

I was battered! I screamed and burst into the room to make sure they saw me and then I went out again.

The two of them have been begging me to forgive them blaming the devil for their action.

Anyways, I really wish I could forgive my boyfriend because I miss my family and it just doesn’t feel the same … a part of me says to forgive and forget and another part is saying he will cheat again.

I told him if it was some random girl maybe I could forgive him but this was my sister! Who does that?

Should I forgive and forget about everything with both of them? I don’t believe in giving cheaters 2nd chances… so my question is. what would you do?


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