How My Ancestors Woke Me Up at Night and Saved Me From Death – Woman Tells Stunning Tale

A woman identified as Thandi Nqumenya, has given details into how she was nearly killed recently.
According to her, she heard her ancestors calling to her in a dream to get out of bed and she found nothing strange about it.
She got out of bed and went to sit on the sofa to watch TV. But when minutes later a thug fired a bullet through the roof right into the bed where she’d been sleeping, she realised that her ancestors had saved her life.
According to Daily Sun SA, Thandi, a 45-year-old from Tshepisong, near Kagiso in Mogale City, South Africa, said the thugs came at about 1am.
“I heard a noise in the yard and then on the roof of my shack, but I thought it was just a strong wind.”
Thandi said minutes later she was terrified when a gunshot rang out and a bullet pierced the shack’s sheet iron roof.
“I screamed when I heard the gunfire and then I heard the car leaving at high speed.”
She said she believed her dead parents were the ones who spoke to her in her sleep. “I’m still in shock and cannot sleep peacefully in my shack, but I can’t move out because this is my only home.”
She said she called police who came and took a statement and a bullet which was stuck in her bed.
Captain Solomon Sibiya, Kagiso police spokesman, confirmed that police were investigating a case of attempted murder, adding that no one had been arrested yet.
He appealed to the community to come forward with information.
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