I am in no competition with Adekunle Gold or anybody in the industry- Falz

Folarin Falana, also known as Falz the bad guy, is the first and only son of renowned lawyer and activist, Femi Falana, SAN. The rapper and comedian who also is an actor recently stormed the University of Ibadan to headline the make naija stronger campaign for One.org. He spoke to select journalists on the campaign, his music career and controversies among other things. JOAN OMIONAWELE brings excerpts:

What inspired you to join the ‘make naija stronger ‘ campaign?

This is something that is coming at a time that is very necessary, I liked the idea of it from the moment I was told about it, I loved the movement , I also like what it stands for and that’s why I joined.

The health sector is something that is key in our nation today. Thus, it is very important to create awareness on hygiene and malaria , among other things, thus it is a welcome movement for youths to get involved in this campaign because we discovered that nobody is participating in even voting, if you are just sitting back and being spectators, how do you become a leader of tomorrow? It’s not enough to sit down and complain that there is corruption, the question is, what are you doing about it?

 What’s your advice for youths towards this campaign?

My advice will just be that everyone should get involved, let’s help make naija stronger. Go on to one.org and sign the petition to get the government to invest in health care. Because it is a very important sector in the country, as millions of lives are struggling to get basic amenities daily, let alone their health.

On a lighter note how did you celebrate your birthday during the week?

I had so much fun with friends. I went car racing and showcased my other talents.

You are a rapper, an actor and a stand up comedian, which really pays you?

(Cuts in with his language) I am not a stand up comedian hashualle (actually).

But which one pays you better?

Everything pays me, I give God the glory.

Last week, you dropped a song entitled ‘chemistry’ with Simi, how has the response been so far?

It’s been wonderful and amazing. It’s already the top album in tunes, apple music, and it’s the most downloaded. In fact, this makes us very happy as musicians.

If you should choose a song from the chemistry  EP (mixtape) what will you choose?

All the songs are equally wonderful, but if I am to select one that is close to my heart, I’ll chose the song entitled ‘foreign’.

How has life been in the industry since you started music?

Sometimes, people challenge me but I have enjoyed grace and favour. So far, it has been great.

What is your relationship with Simi?

Sorry, come again

Yes you (trying to avoid the question)

You mean myself?


That’s a good question, we do have chemistry, inside studio, out of studio, and the rest is for you to feel in the blank space.

It’s general knowledge that Simi is also close to Adekunle Gold, are you in a competition with Adekunle Gold?

Am I in competition? (laughs) No, I am not in any competition with anybody, I’m in my own lane. 

So, there is nothing emotionally attached?

I don’t really know about that, that’s for people to find out.

Asides having a comic alter ego, people say you are shy, is this true?

Yes, I’m actually a very shy person, I’m just a very cool guy

If you have the opportunity to go to the bar, will you still go?

I go to the bar often, I drink sometimes

Not that, I mean to practice law

(Laughs) Definitely, If the opportunity comes, I will still go for it.

No doubt, this year has been a great year for you, looking at all the awards you received and what you have been able to accomplish, did you envisage that you will make it this far?

I didn’t know that I’ll come to this stage, I was just working with my amazing team and I was hoping that eventually, things will work out, I’m thankful.

There are some people mimicking you especially ‘Paul the good guy’ who looks like you and talks like you, do you have any plans for him?

I have  heard about him. In fact, people have been telling me that there is someone in this place that I need to meet. I’m actually exited to meet him.

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