I Had S*x with My Mother Inlaw While Drunk – Man Makes Shocking Confession

The man shared  his story on yoanswers, a popular relationship site.

According to him, he has found himself in a serious mess which he wants out of. He revealed that he recently got drunk and ended up having s*x with his own mother-in-law.

The development has left him all torn up.

Below is how he told the story:


I am a 28-year-old man and I am in serious trauma.

I’m married to a most beautiful woman with whom I am happy and pleased. But something hapened recently that is threatening my peace.

We got really drunk this weekend and my wife passed out on the couch. Her mom was over visiting and had started drinking with us as well any way she started feeling my chest jokingly at are dinner table and asked if I’ve been working out.

I just joked along with her then she said you can return the favor you know? Like asking me to feel hers I brushed it off and just had a few more shots and she asked me to dance. My wife was still sleeping.

I agreed because music was still playing and I love to dance. So at first we were really spaced out then she turned around and started grinding on me I let it happen, after.

I got really hard she pulled up her skirt and we had s*x.

Now today she stopped by and pinched my butt when I was cooking and smiled at me.

I am really confused. should I just tell my wife or tell her mom it was a mistake and to stop? I don’t want to lose my wife in this she is a nurse and makes a good deal of money and I’m still in school without her I would lose everything.


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