Juan Mata finally reveals his Ill relationship with boss Mourinho

THE moment Jose Mourinho was appointed Manchester United boss, the football world feared for the future of Juan Mata.

Finally, the Spaniard has discussed the topic, revealing that the scrutiny became so rampant that his friends and family had started to get worried.

Despite not sitting down to have a conversation with his boss to sort out their differences, Mata, speaking overnight, said he feels their woes from their Chelsea days are behind them.

“He didn’t sit down with me, no; but I do feel an important part of this team, I really do,” he said.

“I can say I am enjoying my football right now. Since I came to Manchester United we had ups and downs but I always felt an important player under any manager, and I feel important now.

“Too many things were said, too many stories were created as well – lies.

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho, far right, makes a double substitution.Source: AP

“When the manager came in, I was always thinking the same as I have always thought: ‘I am going to give my best, and I believe in myself and I think this can work out.’

“You know, I am happy with the football I am producing now, and that’s the most important thing.”

While he was bombarded with worried messages from his friends and family, Mata revealed he stayed calm despite no signs from or conversations with Mourinho when he arrived

“Your friends and family are ringing to know what is going on, but I always told them the same: ‘Listen, I am the one that knows what is going on, and I know that nothing is going on,’” he said.

“My relationship with the manager? Normal. It’s normal. I have said this before and I will say it again – it is a professional relationship. That is it.

“That is why where there were so many things said about what is going to happen when the new manager arrived, in my mind I had it clear.”

So, does he enjoy playing for Mourinho?

“I enjoy playing my football right now, yes. Especially some games this season, Stoke at home, Manchester City, Burnley, Fenerbahce, I can tell you quite a few games when I think we played great football and I enjoyed that.”

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