Man caught his wife having passionate s*x with his best friend and this happened

A man left many people in serious shock following what he did after he caught his wife and best friend having passionate s*x. The Chronicle reported that the man from Gutu area of Zimbabwe took a drastic step by ending his own life in a most tragic manner.

He committed suicide by deliberately crashing his car into an oncoming haulage truck. The 31 year-old Thomas Bhuru of Mukadziwa Village under Chief Gutu allegedly communicated his intention to kill himself through the Mpandawana High School Old Students’ WhatsApp group, after he allegedly found his wife in bed with his friend.

Masvingo police spokesperson could not confirm nor deny the incident which occurred on Wednesday at around 4PM.

According to sources in Gutu, Bhuru is said to have deliberately ploughed his car into an oncoming Colbro Haulage truck and died on the spot on Wednesday.

The accident happened two weeks after he came from South Africa where he allegedly found his wife being intimate with his friend.

It is said prior to his death, Bhuru had updated his WhatsApp profile status to, “Maybe, if my heart stops beating it won’t hurt me so much”.

Bhuru is said to have posted on the WhatsApp group that he was going to die on Wednesday.

“On Wednesday at around 4PM Bhuru drove his Toyota siesta and strangely parked it along Roy-Chivu Road. When he saw a haulage truck approaching, he drove towards it at high speed and collided head-on with it, a short distance from his parents’ home,” said a source.

In his suicide note, he revealed that he caught his wife whose name was not mentioned, in bed with his friend, identified as Clifford Chikomboya in South Africa where both worked for different companies. The two were allegedly staying together as husband and wife in South Africa. Bhuru was based in Gutu.

“He sent a message in connection with his impending death on the Mpandawana High School Old students’ WhatsApp group but no one took him seriously. He is a former student at the school.

“He was a down to earth person but there was a sudden shift in his behaviour from the time he came back from South Africa two weeks ago. He started drinking recklessly,” said one of the WhatsApp group members.

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