Married Woman Discovers Husband’s Darkest Secret as She Nearly Fainted in Court (Photo)

A woman nearly fainted in court after discovering her husband’s darkest secret. The woman found out in court that her husband had secretly divorced her and married his mistress.
Tendai Kativhu was forced to appear in court to defend her marriage. Kativhu from Njube suburb produced a marriage certificate while accusing Shallon Runesu (her husband’s mistress) of cohabiting with her husband and trying to ruin her marriage.
However, Runesu from Khami Prison Complex of Zimbabwe countered by producing a decree of divorce indicating that Kativhu’s (pictured) marriage with the unnamed husband was nullified.
According to B-Metro, a shocked Kativhu however, kept on arguing that the decree of divorce which was granted without her knowledge was null and void adding that she was going to institute legal proceedings to have it reversed.
The melodramatic incident started after Runesu who was suing Kativhu for disturbing her peace told Bulawayo magistrate Sheunesu Matova that she was emotionally and physically abusing her.
“Kativhu is my husband’s former wife and she is emotionally and physically abusing me. On 3 February she came to my place and attacked me while accusing me of snatching her husband. I am now afraid that she will hurt me if the court does not protect me,” pleaded Runesu.
While responding to Runesu’s accusations, Kativhu was shocked when she was informed that the man she claimed was her husband had since secretly divorced her.
“The man she is claiming is her husband is mine. What happened is that we once had problems and he told me to go back to my parents.
“After sometime when my parents realised that he was not forthcoming they asked me to go back to him and that is when I found him staying with the applicant. To avoid problems my husband asked me to go and stay at his brother’s house,” said Kativhu before producing a marriage certificate indicating that she was still legally married to the man Runesu was claiming was hers.
By doing so she didn’t know that she was in for a bigger shock when Runesu produced a decree of divorce indicating that her marriage to the man in question no longer subsisted.
In his judgment the magistrate however, ordered both parties to keep peace towards each other.
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