My soul belongs to the almighty God now- Actor Majid

Nollywood actor, Majid Michel, has confirmed that he will no longer be seen acting sexually explicit roles as he has become an evangelist of God.

The actor, who stunned his fans recently when photos of him healing the sick went viral, said he would continue to feature in bad movies, but promised that he would minimise nudity in his roles.

The Ghanaian actor, in an interview with Hitz FM, said, “You will not see my buttocks, you will not see sexually explicit scenes, you won’t hear bad language, but you will identify things that will propel your spirit to somewhere great. Basically, we will reduce all the explicit scenes you used to see. I’m going to regulate whatever provokes the emotions of man, be it sexually or any negative way. I won’t stop being bad in movies, but I will regulate the kind of bad scenes you will see.”

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