Ndokwa Youths call for a new era In their Land- Concerned youths affirm

Ndokwa is one ethnic group from Delta state which lies between Isoko and Aniocha as well as Urhobo and Ika all in Delta state. Some active youths who believe in a new tomorrow has made the call for a change of Norms in their land, our correspondent who interacted with one of the youths named Comrd Rich Enuenwosu The president of Ndokwa Ukwani Youth Association (NUYA) spoke to us about the challenges they are facing and possible solutions. According to him, NUYA has agreed on a campaign which they tag “NDOKWA TRANSITION MOVEMENT “A CALL FOR ALL NDOKWA YOUTHS TO RISE AND SPEAK” This is what they have to say after their (NUYA) meeting.

nuya4 Ndokwa land is undoubtably in total shamble, darkness and chaos. When it comes to Road, we have the worst road network in Delta state, no job for the promising youths leading to vast majority of them going into crime of all kind. “We need to change this”. The leadership aspect is a no go area, ndokwa have in stuck leaders of ME I & MYSELF. Once voted into Power the reverse of their political campaign is what we will see “ this need a change too”

No part of Ndokwa land can boast of dividends of Democracy because our leaders lack the zeal to lead, we are part of major producer of OIL in Delta State and yet no sign of Oil producing area in our land whereas our neighboring Ethnic groups are faring well in terms of social and economic amenities why? “ we need to change this too” Politicians have high jacked every ACTIVE voice that have tried to speak, God fatherism is the order of the day in our Land, our leaders are selected before our own eyes and our voice is not heard when we cry, the rich are getting richer, stronger and intimidating the voice of the poor. “  we can change this too” just like the latin saying’ vox populi vox dei’ “ the voice of the people is the voice of God”.

Your voice should be a blue print not a peanut for sale, let us stand out for a new era because no one can make you feel less important without your consent, if you don’t give in to our national cake mantra you can change things. This is the era we have to use our voice to change things without fear or favour, enough to unfulfilled political promises and godfatherism ” FLASHBACK”  2015  has come and gone, we all can attest to the consistent visit of our leaders to our communities seeking for our votes, we have given our votes and suddenly they have vanished into the thin air. The “big wigs” don’t care about your vote because it was not for free, they actually bought it so they have to regain their money back before they will care about what happens in your community. mind you leaders do not ordinarily refers to politicians alone, even our community leadership, they are part of the worms eating up Ndokwa land.

Let us not be so blind with patriotism that we can’t face reality’ wrong is wrong’ no matter who does it.


A true and genuine leader does not buy votes, he inspires his electorate with the charisma he possess, he gives them his manifesto and a sure foundation. This is what we want not cabals that are bound to do trade by barter with our resources, that will build schools and companies in another land with our resources

This a call for everybody to rise and lend their voices towards the transition we see because it is a sure victory if we are united, hence NDOKWA UKWANI YOUTH ASSOCIATION (NUYA) call on all Ndokwa youths home and Abroad that it’s time to sanitize our people and educate them before we mortgage another FOUR years, both community leaders and youth leaders to lend their voices for us to speak same language which is ndokwa transition

I see a new Ndokwa, a renew hope and a promising future for our children.

This can only be actualized when you and I speak with one undeniable and fearless VOICE.

nuyaHe then begged all social agencies in Ndokwa land to deviate from crime related activities Like Kidnapping, Militancy, fighting one another because of Politicians, Helping the Politicians to loot their wealth and cultism to save the Name of Ndokwa from going into extinction in the nearest future.



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