Nigerian senators do not have time for women- Senator Akanbi

Senate representing Oyo-South Senatorial District, Senator Adesoji Akanbi, has said that it’s only idle Senators that have the time for certain pleasures.

Senator Akanbi was speaking with The Punch when he noted That the job of making laws is time-sapping and demands a lot of commitment and study, hence leaves one with no time to wine around.

The Senator, who was also a member of the third National Assembly, takes exception to the perception that most male lawmakers in Abuja, because of their money and influence, are socialites who chase after women.

He said, “It is a no for me. My personal experience is that after getting home, I say my prayers and I don’t go out anymore. I have one of my aides who stays with me.

“After eating, we will move into the library to spend one or two hours everyday to prepare for the next day. Whoever is doing that (socialising), I wonder where they have the time to do such.

“Most of the time, I get home between 7pm and 8pm. After eating, we move into the library till around 10pm or 11pm; we look through our notes to prepare for the next day.

“I don’t want to be a dormant lawmaker. There were several new terrains I wasn’t familiar with before becoming a senator.

“I was in the gas sector before becoming a senator but I’m now on the Senate Committee on Petroleum (Gas).

“Go and check my performance on the committee, you will think that I have been a gas expert for decades. I had to go and do a research on gas,” he said.

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