OH NO! Wife Narrates How Husband Forced Her to Sleep with Stranger for $3000

A woman has revealed shocking details how her husband forced her into prostitution to enable him to raise funds for a project. Junior Phiri said her husband Douglas Hazvinei Gondo asked her to have s*x with a stranger so that he would claim compensation in the sum of $3000, H-metro reports.

“This man is saying that I am a prostitute yet he is the one who pleaded with me to have s*x with a certain man so that he would go and claim money from him. Aiti anoda kusetera munhu a trap so that he gets money to start a business. I am shocked that now he is saying I am a prostitute. He has not been taking care of the family. I am the one who has been doing everything for the children.

“I used to be a cross border trader but not anymore. In fact I have told him a number of times that I am no longer interested in the marriage but he keeps forcing me to love him. Anoda kuita murume mubedroom chete. Ndakakuudza kangani kuti handichakuda but you are still forcing me to be with you. Unodei pahure zvaunoramba uri pandiri,” asked an angry Junior.

She went on to say that Douglas had dragged her to the maintenance court as a way of fixing her after she had reported him to the police for assault.

“He brought me to court as a way of trying to shame me but the truth of the matter is that I am the one who takes caré of the children. He does not buy anything for anyone. Our eldest child is now selling buckets in Mbare because their father is failing to take care of his family. My children have asked me to move out with them because they see how worthless their father is,” said Junior.

However, Douglas rubbished claims by Junior as he accused her of of being a shameless prostitute trying to justify her actions saying she needed the money for their children’s welfare.

“This woman who is my wife is a prostitute. She has so many lovers and the evidence is in her phone which I confiscated. She uses her job as a cover for her promiscuous behaviour. She once lied that she was going out of the country for work and she went to sleep with one of her lovers.

“She says she has to fend for the children and her parents so she has no other choice but to be a prostitute. One of her lovers is a doctor. I asked her to stop paying for the children’s school fees or to do anything for them because I wanted her to stop prostituting but now because she has failed to listen to me I want her to maintain the children and I,” said Douglas.

Douglas had dragged Junior to the maintenance court claiming $150 for their three children’s upkeep and $50 for his own upkeep. “I want her to take care of the children and I and I know that she can afford to do so because she is a cross border trader who is also a hairdresser. She earns $800 per month. She has no other children and no other husband except for her boyfriends only. I am a vendor and I get about $100 a month. My wife is capable of paying the said amount because she has the money,” said Douglas.


Presiding magistrate, Sharon Rakafa postponed the matter to today for ruling. The incident happened in Zimbabwe.


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