OMG! A man who raped a disabled woman got disabled by angry mob

 A man who allegedly r*ped a disabled woman and an underage girl has been attacked by a vigilante gang when police arrived to arrest him.
According to reports, the incident took place in the Mexican city of Ciudad Valles as angry vigilantes overpowered police officers and took the r*pist away.
After that, they lynched him as he was knocked, punched and hit repeatedly leaving him almost dead. However, the police officers later tracked the angry mob and rescued the man but he was already badly battered.
He was later bundled to the car as the officers drove away. The officers were also injured in the attack as the mob tried to prevent them from rescuing the r*pist.
However, the man’s mother had said his son was wrongly accused saying he was not a r*pist and worked a normal job. The man was taken to the hospital after the shocking incident.
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