OMG! Car crushed good Samaritans rescuing accident victims to their early grave at Lekki

According to Bmaxng and multiple online sources, a fatal accident occurred this morning around 2:30, 3am around the 5th roundabout along the Lekki-Epe expressway, leaving at least 5 people dead, 10 people injured and 4 exotic cars (Benz E350, Benz AMG, Ford Explorer 2015 and an Honda Accord) damaged.

Some of the victims were, reportedly, returning from a nightclub. Some other victims were said to have been trying to rescue the main accident victims, when another car came to crush them.

An eyewitness was quoted as saying: “The Mercedes Benz E350 which has 4 People in it lost control and got one of it wheels inside the Big & Deep Round about in Jakande which is currently under construction. 

Then the (Honda Accord) decided to assist them in towing out the Benz when he noticed just 4 people and other 5 touts in Jakande who also came through to assist them were trying to pull out the car but it wasn’t possible. 

WHile they were trying to tow the car (Mercedes Benz E350) out, A (Ford Explorer) and (Mercedes Benz AMG) came out from nowhere in speed then Cleared everybody, not living one or two. 

Immediately that happened, 3 People found themselves under the (Mercedes Benz E350). While they were struggling to come out, the car started burning heavily and they all got burnt under the car. 

The (Mercedes Benz AMG) driver died instantly, one of the touts who was trying to rescue the victims died instantly. 10 other people who were trying to rescue the Main accident victims were injured alongside with the (Mercedes Benz E350) owner and they were all rushed to the hospital when an ambulance came to their aid.

This accident was said to have happened due to too much speeds from the vehicles and also the Useless Big Lekki, Jakande round about was one major cause of this fatal accident.” Crdt: @officialbmax 

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