OMG! Wicked Father Runs Away with His Son’s Wife After Bonking Her

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A wicked father has done the unthinkable by deceiving his son’s wife into starting an affair with him and eloping to another country with her.

A heartless father has ran away with his son’s wife leaving many in his community in shock. It was gathered that the man from Zimbabwe eloped to South Africa with his daughter-in-law.

B-metro gathered that Councillor Elmon Ncube of Ward 8, Ntulula area of Zimbabwe who is reportedly having an affair with his daughter-in-law (only identified as MaNcube), is said to have moved to South Africa where the two are co-habiting.

Ncube is a known self-proclaimed healer who combines both prophecy and traditional healing in his practice. He usually travels to South Africa to practise there for a living. Ncube ran away with the wife of his son, Khalima Ncube.

It was gathered that the Elmon’s wife Fiona Ngwenya, who is a pre-school teacher at Ntulula Primary School, began to suspect the two sometime last year but didn’t know how to confront her husband.

Explaining how the incident happened, former area Councillor Matoshi Moyo said Khalima got arrested around November last year for some serial robbery cases in Johannesburg. On learning about the incident, the man’s father started an affair with the son’s wife.

“MaNcube, whose home area is Lupane, had been living with her in-laws in Tsholotsho while her husband worked in South Africa. The husband was a known serial thief who was sent to jail.

“Upon having his son sent to jail, Ncube’s affair with MaNcube blossomed and everyone began to suspect,” said Moyo.

The man’s wife was also suspicious as the daughter-in-law suddenly became stubborn and she actually noted some things which raised her suspicions.

“She notified family and it was resolved that MaNcube returns to her family in Lupane. Instead of her going there, she told her close friends that she was relocating to South Africa so that she could be able to visit her husband in jail every now and then.

“To our amazement, as soon as she landed in Johannesburg, she bought a nice shack (umkhukhu) yet she wasn’t working. That was shock number one to our local people in South Africa,” he said.

A villager only identified as Ndlangamandla said what Ncube had done was a big embarrassment to his family and community, especially, considering his status.

“Our children phoned home asking what was happening because instead of Ncube going to his relatives where he usually stays when he is in SA, he didn’t go there.

“Later at night, he was seen sneaking into MaNcube’s umkhukhu and the trend has been going on for the past three months,” he said.

The angry man said he did not know how to answer when children from the community phone asking what was taking place.

“This man has behaved like a dog. How can he admire his own son’s wife? Usually Ncube would go to South Africa for a week or two but now it’s been three months without him coming back to his family.

“We are not as amazed as he was always suspected to be hopping from one married woman to the other in the community. He wreaked one of the villagers’ marriage some years back and the couple split up for good,” he said.

Villagers said they wondered how his son would take this when he comes out of jail.

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