OMG! Woman kills her own husband in the presence of their kids, her reason is shocking!

A 36-year-old Lusaka woman has been arrested after she brutally killed her husband in the presence of the couple’s two young children in circumstances that have left Zambians shocked.

Jacqueline Mwendwa of Makeni has been arrested and detained with the murder of her husband 38-year-old Kosi Milumbe. The incident happened on October 28, 2016.


LUSAKA, 2ND NOVEMBER, 2016 – We have charged and arrested a woman of unknown house number in Makeni identified as Jacqueline Mwendwa aged 36 in connection with the murder of her husband identified as Kosi Milumbe aged 38, also of Makeni after a marital dispute. This happened on 28th October, 2016 at about 19 00 hours along Bayuni road.

All stated when the accused person went to the house of her husband to pick up their three children and a disagreement ensued. After the accused picked up the children the husband who is the victim attempted to stop the wife from going with the children.

In an attempt to stop the wife who was driving a motor vehicle Nissan Premia , gold in colour registration number ALL 5877 from driving off with the children, he pushed his head through the rear window with his body halfway inside the motor vehicle but the wife sped off dragging him 700 meters and that is how the victim fell off.

After turning the motor vehicle, the accused person hit the victim with the motor vehicle and left him lying on the ground with injuries. The victim managed to communicate to one of his relatives before he died from the same point.

The body was discovered by some members of the public who live in the neighbourhood who later reported the mater to Makeni Police Station. The deceased sustained two broken ribs, head injuries and a broken leg.

The suspect is in Police custody charged with murder while the body of the deceased has since been buried after postmortem.




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