PDP Killed My Husband not APC – Late Dipreye Alameiseigha’s wife speaks

Mrs. Magareth Alameiseigha, the widow of the First Executive Governor of Bayelsa State, Late Diepreye Solomon Alameisegha, yesterday exonerated the leadership of the All Progressive Congress (APC) from the events which led to the October 2015 death of her husband, Leadership reports.

According to Mrs. Alameiseigha, though the events leading to the last year death of her husband sparked off controversy between the People’s Democratic Party and All Progressives Congress ahead of the Governorship election, the killing of her husband started with his removal from office,arrest,trial and seizure of owned properties under the leadership of the PDP.

Mrs Alameiseigha, while speaking with news men during the First Year Anniversary of his death, said ‎the controversy surrounding the death of her husband was not necessary, and that the PDP that frustrated and sent her husband to his early grave
and not the All Progressives Congress (APC) as widely speculated.

According to her,  “I can categorically say today that it was the PDP that arrested my husband, seized all his properties and humiliated him to the point of his death. It is PDP that killed my husband and not the APC. It was PDP that arrested my husband, it was PDP that humiliated my husband and killed him. At the end they seized everything that belonged to him.”

“It was the PDP that tormented my husband and he died as a result of the humiliation he suffered in the hands of the PDP. As far as I’m concerned, they humiliated me and took everything away from us.”

It would be recalled that former President Olusegun Obasanjo was running the PDP government when the deceased, Alameisegha has arrested and prosecuted.

Mrs. Alamieyeseigha, described her husband as a man who wholeheartedly fought for the emancipation of the Ijaw people but that it is sad to note that the same people he fought for that sold her husband out to the PDP that eventually killed him.

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