PDP will go into extinction if they don’t learn from our Crisis- APC chieftain

The Deputy National Chairman (South) of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Segun Oni, has advised the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to see the hardship in the country and crisis currently eating up the APC as an opportunity to get out of coma.

He added that very soon, the opposition party will have little or nothing to say in the country.

The party chieftain was speaking in an interview with Punch where he asserted that the crisis and divisions that had recently rocked the party in Ondo state will not hamper their chances of winning the November polls.

He said, “We are very prepared and just like we won handsomely in the just concluded Edo State governorship election, I am confident we will win in Ondo State.”

He added that the crisis in the party, job losses and hunger in the land, would have no effect on the outcome of the election.

According to him, “Things are very difficult, but luckily for us, the next general elections will not hold next week or next month. The policies we are putting in place would have started showing very good results before then.

“The budget implementation would have gone far, a lot of contracts would have been awarded and things would have started to show improvements.

“We would have also announced the board memberships; it means some people would also have areas of influence, either through being a board member or another. It can only get better.

“We have seen the worst of this situation; we can confidently say it can only get better. The PDP members, instead of using the opportunity now to get out of coma, they are thinking they can deride us.

“But once the economy starts getting better, and it will get better very soon, they will have very little or nothing else to say.

“Their party is not yet a party; my advice to them is to face their own business, mend the house that is almost collapsing on their heads and repair their umbrella that is leaking profusely.‎”

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