Revolution! Trump’s Victory forces Blac Chyna into labour

Blac Chyna has been reporte to have been thrown into pre-labour contractions following the historic win of the Republican candidate, Donald Trump at the US presidential poll.

According to MTO, the 28-year-old mother of one was thrown into early contractions after watching the election results announcement.

The news source reported that Blac Chyna and her fiance, Rob Kardashian are prepared to have their baby inside a Los Angeles hospital.

Recall that the hospital chosen by the couple was estimated to have cost $4,000.

News source also confirmed that the production crew is on ground and ready to film the birthing process.

MTO reports: “According to our snitch in production, Chyna went into “pre-labor” and was taken to the hospital. Luckily everything looks fine – it just seems like Chyna’s baby, which is due next week, is coming a bit early.

“So what caused the baby to come early?”

Sources firther revealed that the pre-labour may have been due to stress and tension from the election result announcement

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