Two possible ways to bring back trust into a relationship- A must read

One of the greatest fears of people in relationships is that their partner will betray their trust.

No matter how tiny the doubt might be, it is usually there, threatening to nip away their belief in a happily-ever after.

Sadly, this fear is often realised when, somehow, their partner actually betrays that trust they placed on him/her.

That trust was betrayed in whatever firm does not always spell the end of a relationship, and when couples can find it in their hearts to forgive each other [as they advisably should], then the relationship may survive that phase and actually become stronger as a result of that.

Returning or rediscovering that level of trust will, however, require a bit of work; and if the couple could do these two things below listed, they could set themselves back on the right track and move past that glitch.

What are the two important things to do to bring back lost trust in a relationship?

You could bring the trust back if you honestly discuss it with your partner (Young, black, fabulous)

Honestly discuss the situation

Do not be too shy or scared to admit your disappointment.

Yes, you have chosen to overlook their mess up and move past it, but that does not mean you should not address it.Let your partner know how disappointed you are that they betrayed the trust you had in them.

Let them understand how deep your love for them is, and why you think the relationship deserves a second chance.

Leave no stone unturned. Let it all out.

Establish newer set of rules

Apparently, there has to be a body of stricter, firmer rules, at least for the time being.

That partner needs to realise that though you forgave them, their actions are not without consequences.

So, with the rules you put them on some sort of ‘probation’ period, where they are to re-earn your trust and get that your relationship back to the level it should be at.

If they value you and what they have with you, that should not be a problem.

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