WTF! Man catches wife having s*x with another man in the bush

A woman has been caught in the act having s*x with another man.

The incident reportedly occurred in Cheptagum village in Kabianga division, Kericho County, Kenya.

Accoring to SDE, while deeply engrossed in the throes of passion, the amorous couple got disbanded rather violently when the husband to the woman ambushed them, following a tip-off from a local who had been observing them for a while.

Isaac Mibei, a local who watched the drama said the furious husband was armed with weapon but didn’t manage to use it because the offending man wrestled him to the ground and took off at top speed.

“It was a neighbour who had gotten fed up with the duo’s regular shameless rendezvous in the bushes who leaked the information to the woman’s husband, a subordinate staff at a nearby high school,” said Mibei.

SDE reports that, interestingly, the bush dates had been going on for a while, with each one of them passing by Mibei’s home in turns, perhaps to avoid being noticed.

“On this particular day, it was not a business as usual. Just when they were at it, the woman’s husband who was armed with a weapon struck,” said Mibei.

But before he could make use of his lethal weapon, the offending man quickly disentangled himself, overpowered him and took off naked, leaving his clothes behind.

 “The man took off and crisscrossed a couple of homes in his birthday suit, leaving the tickled locals in stitches,” said Mibei. The offending man swum across Kabianga River and melted into the bushes as locals watched in amazement.

“Had he not been a fast runner and a good swimmer, his story could be probably different now,”said Mibei.

Meanwhile, the offended man returned to his home where his panic-stricken wife had returned, only to vent out his frustrations by unleashing terror on her.

It took the intervention of neigbours to save her from the beating.

Uneasy calm is reported to have returned in the home, but it’s not known if the man has forgiven her for the transgression.


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