Zenith Bank has sacked it’s wife beater staff, Mr John Edobor

Days after the Lagos State government upgraded the charges against him from Grievous Bodily Harm to Attempted Murder, John Edobor, has repeatedly been sacked. This is according to Emeka Ugwuonye, a lawyer representing his estranged wife, Ivie, whose leg was broken during an attack from Mr. Edobor

In a post, Ugwuonye said: “I just received a call from a top official of Zenith Bank to inform me that Mr. John Edobor has been fired from Zenith Bank. They made it clear to me that the reason they did so was because of the domestic violence he committed on his estranged wife, Ivie.

The call was in response to the email I sent to Zenith two days ago indicating that DPA would commence a protest on the matter. We appreciate the fact that Zenith has reached out to us. This is an important first step that Zenith has taken. All we want is justice of this lady.”


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